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Roadmap - Cycle of reflections towards a Country Plan

On Thursday, June 24, 2021, the ninth meeting of the cycle of talks called Roadmap - Cycle of reflections towards a Country Plan took place. 

🌱 Bioeconomy: opportunity for economic growth, sustainable development and job creation in Argentina.

Bioeconomy reconciles environment and economy through technology. In Argentina, the knowledge economy, regional economies and technological developments are making headway to generate, together, a sustainable alternative for economic growth, while at the same time generating social benefits.

The bioeconomy in Argentina is an opportunity for growth, welfare, sustainability, job creation and inclusion.

Invited panelists:

Fernando Vilella: Agronomist Engineer (UBA). At the Faculty of Agronomy of the UBA he is Professor of Agribusiness and Director of the Bioeconomy Program and Co-Director of the postgraduate program in Agricultural and Environmental Finance and Director of Sustainable Biobusiness, he was Dean 1998-2006. Consultant of CARI. Columnist of Mitre y el Campo. Member of several Steering Committees (MAIZAR, SOLIDAGRO, AABeH...) Professor of several Master's Degrees. Author of 15 books, 3 videos, 39 international publications, among others...

Clara Lacau: She is an Agronomist Engineer from UBA. Director and CFO at Pedro A. Lacau e Hijos S.R.L. She has been a member of CREA's executive committee for 4 years. She also participates in the Marianne Association of French-Argentine women promoting links in different areas between both countries.

📌 Mayco Mansilla: He is an Agronomist Engineer, he is finishing his Master's Degree in Agribusiness. He is Technical Manager of the Biobusiness Network in Aapresid, teacher in the Diploma of Sustainable Biobusiness at the UBA and Bioeconomy at the UNL, he is a member of Rural Las Colonias and CARSFE (CRA).


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