The debt to the IMF in 5 minutes

Two seniors: president and former president, play their game. They name us, but they do not see us.

The debt to IMF in 5 minutes 👇🏼⏰

First of all, let us be clear that indebtedness in itself is not bad. It is bad to use it to pay "current" expenses, the everyday ones, instead of using it to produce more, to generate more income to be able to pay the interest and the capital. It is as if you took a loan to pay the light and the rent instead of taking it to generate extra money, for example buying a new tool and hiring a helper; which will allow you to pay the light, the rent, the loan, grow and improve your life in the aspects that you believe convenient. Educate yourself or your children, eat out more often, get your teeth fixed or go on vacation.

Back to our presidents:

He took the largest loan in the history of the IMF without having a concrete economic growth project for the short, medium and long term. He did not tell us how he received the country (he says not to worry us) or how he used the money during the first two years of his government, or how he planned to use that huge amount of money to make Argentina grow in the coming years.

Maybe if he had a good plan, and he told us about it in detail, we would be enthusiastic, we would support him and not only he would win the elections, but also creditors and investors would be enthusiastic, we would grow, we would generate new companies, exports, many jobs, year after year we would pay interest with our new income and today we would be much better off, wouldn't we? We would look to the future with expectations and hope.

Our current president (for the record: two years in office already), intends to negotiate the debt we already have, in the same way: without a plan. On top of that, he says, very loosely, that it is not necessary to have a plan. Imagine that!

And they joke with each other: one of them makes fun of the other, tells him that he would have solved the debt in five minutes if he had been re-elected, the other replies that he could also solve it, and also in 5 minutes (in our neighborhood this is called in a way related to the long ones... but we refrain because it is not very delicate), but that if he did it "he could not look us in the face" (note: we are always involved).

The current President "blames" the former President for "indebting us" "mortgaging our future", while he, in turn, is issuing outrageously and paying astronomical interests! for issuing. A unique case in the world. In other words: it is the same "mortgaging the future" and the same "getting into debt" but with a different color (we will tell you more about this subject and inflation in a future post). Of course, the former President also reproaches and reproaches the current one.

And we were watching ping pong like the children of Pimpernel.

We ask ourselves: if a candidate is running for president, should he not be aware of the situation of the country he intends to govern? Should he not know its debts, its income, its expenditures, its economic situation? And be willing to take charge and do his job?

If he does not know, or is not up to the task, or does not have a competent team, he should not apply. We solemnly promise not to go looking for him to change his mind. Let him stay at home.

The debt does not belong to one president or the other, it belongs to our country, and must be handled with the pertinent seriousness.

If a president did things wrong, or did not do what he should have done, it is the responsibility of the newly elected candidate to make things right. That is what he was elected for. The most basic: to have a concrete plan of economic growth for our country and to communicate it to the citizens.

Argentina has increased poverty exponentially in a few decades, has not been able to fight inflation (something that most countries in the world have achieved), has no investment, does not create companies, does not create jobs, exports crumbs, has an insane macroeconomic chaos (15 exchange rates and counting) and all thanks to the ineffectiveness and improvisation of our governments.

Enough chicanery.

Enough with the verses. Enough of sanata

We want an economic growth plan that covers every corner of our provinces. We want genuine federalism: each Argentine province to be as thriving and productive as it can be.

We citizens no longer want to be useful instruments of the governments in power. We no longer want to be cracked and we no longer want to be divided.

We want a renewal of party politics.

We want them to do their job.

We want to vote for proposals, not faces or empty slogans. We no longer want to vote for the "least bad".

We want every candidate running for president to have an economic growth plan for our country and to communicate it to us. We want to know the names of the ministers and teams that will accompany them to execute it.

In 2023, let no candidate speak of anything else!


We will have a Plan for our country!

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  1. I propose that all those who collect plans somehow work in private companies to offset production costs and generate genuine work....

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