Spring is the season associated with joy and rebirth; and throughout history all cultures have celebrated it with their myths, legends and poetry.

This rebirth is adjusted to the moment when the flowers no longer freeze and their fruits generate viable seeds that will allow them to reproduce. Once winter is over, animals find sustenance in the new leaves of grasses, shrubs and deciduous trees. Sheep, following the growth cycle of grasses, give birth and produce more milk for their young.

What would happen if the flowers came early and froze, or if they were late and did not ripen, or if the lambs were born in the middle of winter and died of cold, or if they were born late in the season and entered the following winter very small?

To be reborn at the right time is essential for development.

Argentina comes from decades of decadence. A very long winter.

The collective mood, exhausted by successive crises, has turned towards an all-pervading pessimism.

Many have left and the rest, who have not and will not leave, oscillate between anguish, anger, anger and a sticky feeling of helplessness.

The crisis we are going through is not the worst we have ever experienced, but it is the most hopeless, because the majority conclusion is that, the way we are going, Argentina has no future.

The crisis has mutated from the immediate to the transcendent.

It is a crisis of direction, of path, of horizon, of project, of "plan".

Recovering the idea of project is vital. As vital as being reborn at the right time.

There is a deep weariness of polarization and reactivity, of this zero-sum game in which partisan politics persists as the only proposal.

There is also an awareness of the magnitude of the difficulties, of the reasons that have brought us this far, and of the impossibility of more patches and shortcuts that lead nowhere.

The time is right.

Human beings have a unique capacity: we can dream, we can imagine the future, we can turn that dream into a project and we can walk towards it.

It is our opportunity to be reborn, grow and develop.

Let's get moving.

Because opportunity can only be achieved by those who pursue it.

Happy spring!

To build together the Argentina we dream of join us at: www.planpaisargentina.org

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These words were inspired by an article by Fernando Vilella and Alejandra Mella, which we partly reformulated. We thank them for their work, their reflections and their inspiration.

📲 You can read its full text .

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